Thompson Middle School depends upon the caring partnership of students, parents, and teachers to support the learning process. As active learners, students explore options that bring them closer to their educational goals within this partnership. Students will find their educational experience rewarding when they take ownership for their work, responsibility for their behavior, and contribute to the quality of our school.


For information about individual teachers and the grades they teach, follow the links below to the pages they maintain about themselves and their subject areas.

Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Multi-Grade
L. Morrison
J. Perkins
M. Roy
V. Moylan
K. Claprood
B. Burdick 
E. Groh
M. Monahan
B. Caya
M. Domina

M. Kabara
L. Langlois
D. Shaw
C. Adler
N. Bernier
P. Chenail
L. Stefanski
L. Trudeau
P. Dean
H. Preble
S. Bellavance
Unified Arts
G. Knall – Art
J. Jervis – Health
J. Leclerc- Music
T. Cooper- P.E.